Many years before the legendary mogul Samuel Bronston produced his great 
epics there were large and complex international film productions in Spain.
Early cinematic gems and box office bombs discover Spain - From 1950 to 1960!
This is their story - seasoned with rare and never published before photos!
We are investigating the shooting and look behind the scenes of fantastic movie sets!

"Alexander the Great" (1955) - One of the most intelligent and heavily underrated movies about the ancient world.
Written, produced and directed by Robert Rossen, after 3 years of research and planning.
The Palace in El Molar (Madrid) - The construction of an impressive movie set.
Martine Carol "Action of the Tiger" visited the Alhambra in Granada during a break in filming (1957).
The comparison photo is of my grandpa who made over 80 photos in the Alhambra (1967).
Not on one of his photos you can see any other people!?
I visited the Alhambra decades later and and on all of my photos are many other people!
Mass tourism has changed a lot...
"James Bond" Director Terence Young in Spain - We look behind the scenes of "Action of the Tiger".
The famous "Hollywood Cowboy" Raoul Walsh ("The Big Trail"/"Distant Drums"/"The Tall Men") was the
Director of the first International Western movie filmed in Spain: "The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw" (1958).
We will show you very rare "family" photos of the "Fractured Jaw" Western Town Movie Set and great behind the scenes
and candid photo material of this international pioneer western production in Spain.