Location Books - Short Reviews

We get to the bottom and seperate the rotten from the good ones! 
Short Reviews of books which might be interesting for you.
From Zero to 100%, everything is possible!

Jose Enrique Martinez Moya - Almeria, un Mundo de Pelicula Pedro Ballesteros Torres - Alcala y el Cine
A great book about Almeria and its movie history.
You fast feel that it was made with love from someone with great knowlegde
about the Movies filmed around Almeria and their locations. 
Many details and interesting informations out of the archives of Almeria.
Few mistakes here and there but still a fantastic job.
Very interesting book about the movie history of Alcala de Henares.
But I wonder why most of the Spaghetti Western which have been filmed
near Alcala didn't found a way into the book?
78/100 71/100

Antoni Reig Perez/Miquel Crespo Ronda - Denia, Ciutat de Cine
Carlo Gaberscek - Il vicino West
Exciting book about the movie History of Denia.
Denia was a Hot Spot for Sea Adventure Movies and the Location
of the first Samuel Bronston Super-Production ("John Paul Jones").
Full of Details and informations. Top!
A thick book about Western Locations in Spain. 
Gaberscek unites the available informations (Moya/Matellano/Websides/...) to one book.
Its a bit dry with endless listings but still a great summary.
83/100 76/100

Victor Matellano Garcia - Un plato de siglos Andrea Rennschmid - Totenkopf und weisse Segel
Wow! - A brilliant book about the movie history of Talamanca de Jarama.
Excellent photos, details and very interesting informations.
Knights, Werwolfs, Conan and Spaghetti Western - The small town Talamanca is 
a great movie Location.
My book of the year 2008!
A great book about Swashbuckler and Sea Adventure movies which
took me by surprise. Large scale, Hardcover, glossy paper...
and all these little pirate flicks. 
Some of them anchored in spanish coastal area. 
Cannon roaring...the seas aflame!
89/100 79/100

Jose Alfaro Nunez - La Imagen Encantada
An excellent book about the movie history of Cuenca.
Great Locations like the Ciudad Encantada or the Castle of Belmonte.
Exciting to read, full of interesting informations, details and photos. Marvelous!

Most books about Locations are really interesting to read, helpful and good for informations sometimes. 
But before you buy any books better invest your money in good maps!
Books look great in the shelves at home but in the desert they are just ballast.
If you go location hunting good maps are essential.
The locations I want to discover are usually not mentioned in books anyway!
The maps I'm talking about are topographical maps!
These are usually available in different scales (1:10.000/1:25.000/1:50.000).
Maps from the Instituto Geografico Nacional and old Military maps.
I buy my maps in the "Casa del Mapa" in Alicante (Avda.Oscar Espla,15).
These "Casas del Mapa" exist in different towns in spain and they really have an
enormous selection of maps! In Andalucia you find one in Malaga!
For more informations about maps and other essential accessories I recommend the
Centro Nacional de Informacion Geografica (CNIG)
Working on a Location report for "Return of the Seven". 
A good map, screenshots..and a few bottles of Cerveza. 
See Part 1 of our "R7" Report here: AGOST
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