The "Return of the Seven" Crew had a crazy idea and built a real "Wheel of Fortune" out of a wagon wheel of a coach.
The entire Crew was gambling for some tough Pesetas.
The "Wheel of Fortune" on the Set in Agost. Look at all that money!
Here they built the "Wheel of Fortune" in 1966. Comparison photo Summer 2010, Sierra del Castellar, Agost (Alicante).
Warren Oates is in with some bucks and spinning the wheel! 
The spanish "Extras" shake their head about those crazy Americans.
Hundreds of Pesetas are just too much money to risk it in gambling.
Warren Oates with some Crew guys (Negative Kodak Tri-X Pan).
Agost, 1966.
Agost, 2010.
Yul Brynner and Claude Akins are also in for a game. 
Comparison photo Summer 2010.
The stakes rise! - Warren Oates and a relaxed Yul Brynner
New game new luck!
Tense calm....the wheel turns (Negative Kodak Tri-X Pan).
"Everything fraud here...Why are you laughing at all ...?"
Great Comparison photo Summer 2010 - Sierra del Castellar, Agost.