A place full of history and tradition, wonderfully understandable in the connected Musuem.
"El Museo de Taurino" - The Bullfighting Museum inside of the Bullring building in Alicante.
Alicante - The Plaza de Toros on an old painting, 1907.
Detailed Model of the "Plaza de Toros" in "El Museo de Taurino".
In the museum there is nowhere an information about an interesting event in 1966!
Hollywood Stars in in the bullring of Alicante - Yul Brynner was leading the parade of Bullfighters 
into the Ring.
A matter of honor: Actor Yul Brynner rides into the Bull Ring in Alicante and the crowd cheers (18.2.1966). 
It's for real too. Brynner, in town for location work in the film "Return of the Seven", 
was given the honor of being "Alguacil" at a Bullfight held for a local charity. 
The "Alguacil" leads the parade of Bullfighters into the Ring and symbolically receives 
the keys to the Bulls' gate leading to the Ring.
The way to the bullring, 2011.
Actor Yul Brynner's wife, Doris, looks like an old hand at the bullring as she signals encouragement
to the Matadors in Alicante (18.2.1966).
Emilio Fernandez (Lorca) is sitting at the left of Doris and on the right you will recognize Julian Mateos (Chico).
The bullfighting scenes in "Return of the Seven" were all shot in Colmenar de Oreja (Madrid).