The Carlton was an excellent Hotel in a prime location very close to the harbor of Alicante
and to the famous promenade "Explanada de Espaņa".
 A great Location for the "Return of the Seven" Production. The whole Crew stayed at the Hotel Carlton.  
Yul Brynner and Robert Fuller enjoyed
the warm nights in the bars around the "Explanada" with some cold Beers and Tapas.
Around the year 1980 the old Hotel was converted into the "Residencia Jorge Juan".
The Ministry of Defence bought the building to have a comfortable lodging for their retirees.
The old menu of the Hotel Carlton.
Before the Driver took him to the Location in Agost, Yul Brynner enjoyed a full breakfast.
A Continental? Or just some "Trench Croissant" with marmalade?
The old Hotel Carlton is a "Residencia" today.
The "Residencia Jorge Juan" 2012 - On the roof are still remnants of the "Hotel Carlton" neon sign.