Actors love to play. Some play Chess, others like to poker.
The "Return of the Seven" Stars really shoot the bird with their crazy activities on the Set in Agost.
They built a "Wheel of Fortune" out of a wagon wheel of a coach and played other unsual games on the movie Set.
Claude Akins was an avid Golfer and this crazy guy really swung his driver in the middle of the movie set in Agost!
The "Return of the Seven" Golf Course Brochure:
...The golf course "Movie Set Agost" nestles perfectly into the sunny valley and offers the golfing enthusiast 
one tee off after the other in a natural desert landscape...! 
Claude Akins swings the driver on the Set in Agost.
He was an impassioned golfer and played in a lot of pro-am golf tournaments for various charities right up until his death. 
The enthusiastic Golfer had a job for some local kids. 
Some young boys from Agost chased after every ball and earned quite a few Pesetas bringing back the balls
to Mr.Akins.
Frank strikes back the bandits...!