Yul Brynner got a visit from his family on the set in Agost.
Doris Kleiner, the wife of Yul, provides a bit of variety while the production of press photos is running.
It was obviously very funny for the guys.
On the left is the shadow of a photographer.
A great photo of family Brynner. 
Victoria Brynner - Doris Kleiner - Yul Brynner
This family shot became a Lobby Card in Spain!
These candid on Set photos are usually not used for official lobby cards, but it does happen.
Yul Brynner proudly rides with his cherished daughter Victoria at the Set in Agost (Alicante).
Doris Kleiner and Yul Brynner, a rare private moment during the "Return of the Seven" Production.

Barely a year later (1967) family Brynner was together in Spain again. 

The photo shows them on the set of "The Long Duel" in Andalucia.