The Costume/Props test shots are made in a Studio by spanish Set and Crew Photographer legend Antonio Luengo.
You can see a Studio Spotlight on the left and Actor Claude Akins, in full costume with props, stands before
a white background cloth.
I suspect that Antonio Luengo made these photos in the Samuel Bronston Studios in Madrid, formerly known as
"Estudios Chamartin". Some of these studio shots were issued as press photos for promotion.
If you want to see more Studio Session stuff of Antonio Luengo I recommend the Cast Section were I show you
costume/props test shots of almost all "Return of the Seven" Actors.
Another great Studio Shot of Antonio Luengo. 
Here we see Robert Fuller with his Stunt Double (Who is he?).
Costume/Props Test with Vin (Robert Fuller) on location in Agost. 
Script Supervisor Lucie Lichtig holds up the sign.
In the background we see the chair of Mr.Fuller and the box for his costume/props.
Funny shot. The hand of Lucie Lichtig is needed for the white balance of the Camera.
Robert Fuller on Location in Agost testing his costume and props.
"Robert, you must become one with the costume!"
Actor Julian Mateos trains with the Colt on set in Agost.
He turns the Colt fast like an expert!
Julian Mateos tests his Winchester on the Set in Agost (Alicante)!
Winchester whirlwind.
Where are the bandits?
Comparison photo Summer 2010 - Sierra del Castellar
Julian Mateos really let it rip!