Our River Bridge - Rio Eresma (SG-312) - Segovia

With a new desperate offensive the germans want to split up the enemy forces in two.
Colonel Hessler (Robert Shaw) is in command of an armored spearhead with the strategic objective Antwerpen! A key location for this raid is the Our River Bridge, the only
Bridge that can support heavy tanks. He must have that bridge secured for his Tiger column. A special Commando, germans uniformed as American MPs, was parachuted behind
the American lines to secure that important bridge ("Operation Transit").
Our Location Archaeology Team finally discovered this key location of 
"Battle of the Bulge" near Segovia.
The Our River Bridge - Puente Rio Eresma (SG-312)
Carsten Thiemann (Location Archaeologist), 2009. 

Puente Rio Eresma - Our River Bridge

Germans uniformed as American MPs holding Our River Bridge

comparison photo March 2009
Lieutenant Schumacher (Ty Hardin) - A german uniformed as american MP
comparison photo March 2009
On the Road to Ambleve...or nowhere?
Somebody's been monkeying around with those road signs
Guffy (Telly Savalas) driving over the Our River Bridge. In the background you can
see the Alcazar of Segovia! And we see a small second bridge next to the "Our River Bridge".
Comparison photo March 2009 - Two bridges and the Alcazar behind a wall of trees.
Alcazar of Segovia - Segovia Cathedral / I climbed on a tree for this shot..lol.
The last Truck of the Parade over the Our River Bridge
comparison photo March 2009 - Puente Rio Eresma (SG-312)
1965 2009
1965 2009
"Notify the Panzers. The Bridge is intact"
comparison photo March 2009
The german "Operation Transit" goes on
comparison photo March 2009
A Sherman near the Bridge
March 2009
comparison photo March 2009
Fighting with a Sherman...
comparison photo March 2009
The German Panzer column arrives...
"Blast the Tank off the Bridge!"
comparison photo March 2009
"Why are we waiting? - Push that Junk right out of the way"
German Lobby Card Comparison photo March 2009. 
Actually a pretty great shot, but you have trees everywhere. "Tiger 1, fire!"
I Shot this comparison photo from a different position to get good view of the bridge. The Sherman flew from the Bridge here.
Obviously the Set Decorators changed the bridge with some styrofoam parts, 
as you can clearly see the fallen down stone blocks floating on the Our River 
(see the Lobby Card above).
A great Scene! The Bridge was later restored and is still in a good shape today.
Robert Shaw (Col.Hessler) and Karl-Otto Alberty (Von Diepel) on a small street near Segovia (SG-312)
A Sniper (Henry Fonda) wanted to shoot Col.Hessler...and killed a Truck!
comparison photo March 2009
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