Rio Aguas - Turre

Hungry Frogs and lots of Kamikaze Mosquitos are waiting for carless Location Hunters at 
Rio Aguas! One of my Sherpas lost his life while fighting with a Monster Frog.
This Location really has somethin', somethin' wild and dangerous.
No risk, no fun - Discover the jungle on "Treasure Island".
Capt.Douglas, 2003-2008.
"Die Schatzinsel"
1972 comparison photo 2005
Rio Aguas comparison photo april 2008
Rio Aguas, 1972 comparison photo april 2008
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"Lo voglio morto"
1967 Craig Hill
Rio Aguas, 1967 comparison photo april 2008 - quite a jungle!

Hands up!
comparison photo april 2008
comparison photo april 2008

"Rivalen unter roter Sonne"

Charly attacks! comparison photo 2005
1971 comparison photo 2005
Toshiro Mifune - Charles Bronson comparison photo 2005 - Rio Aguas Swamp
Toshiro Mifune Rio Aguas Charles Bronson
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